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“Hi. I would just like to get a little information, please...”

If you have been where we have been for the past 35 years, this is an all to familiar opening line from a prospective customer ...or not.

Information ! The hottest global commodity of the 21st century. Who has it, how to get it, and how to get it better, faster, easier... Getting your customer informed of your product is what we do.

We at CB4UGO™ are bringing a new experience to the online travel buying public. Our 35 years of personal, “face to face” interaction in our bricks and mortar, travel business has equipped us with knowledge of what the vacationing traveler is first requesting as they begin to plan their vacation. Information.

Calendar Travel Agency Ltd., incorporated in 1964, and opened on May 1, 1965 was founded by Mr. Ethan C. Smythe and has been serving the community ever since.

CTA Ltd. had been under the management of Mr. Smythe's daughter Janice Smythe-Brown for eighteen years. Since the passing of Mr. Smythe in 1998, CTA Ltd. is now under the helm of his son Mr. Ethan A. Smythe and it is his vision to which CB4UGO™ can be attributed.

"We see the internet as a great interactive information TV/tool and this is the model we have chosen to utilize as we expand from a bricks and mortar to clicks and mortar agency" says the founders' son.

"We at Calendar Travel Agency Ltd. are very excited about the expansion of our company with this new service product . We are working hard to deliver the type of informational programming on our interactive information TV/tool. We want your planning your vacation to be almost as enjoyable as the vacation itself."

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